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Classic Massage or Swedish Massage

Classic massage is the manipulation of soft tissues whose main purpose is to relieve di...

Sports Massage

The Sports Massage has its origins in ancient China, Greece, and the Roman Empire, wher...

Therapeutic Massage

Used from ancient times till nowadays, the therapeutic massage helps release stress, ch...

Craniosacral Massage

This therapy targets a joint system formed from the skull to the sacrum, by the meninge...


Reflexology deals with the system of interconnected parts (zones) of the body. By apply...

Head Massage

A head massage is a great way to relax your mind and body by stimulating the nerve rece...


Yoga is a system of exercises which aims to master the bod...


Reiki is a method for energy healing by laying hands on or near the body. Energy radiat...

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  +34 672 579 145
  [email protected]
  Av. los Canarios, 25, 35129 Patalavaca, Apartamentos Doñana
Mogán - Gran Canaria - Las Palmas

Av. los Canarios, 23, 35120 Patalavaca, Servatur Green Beach hotel
Mogán - Gran Canaria - Las Palmas
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